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Chakra Amour Holistic Health Services


Chakra Amour Holistic Health Services.  

Well-Being, the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy.  In the midst of these busy times, a healthy work life balance can be hard to find.

A Unique Blend ‘Chakra Amour’ 

Kundalini Yoga, Crystal, Aroma, Therapy Massage Treatments

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Reflexology is a therapy which involves using the thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to the hands or feet to create a sense of calm and balance within the body. To moisturise and recharge Chakra Amour Body Butter is massaged into the feet, hands or even both! With a Chakra Amour Crystal pressure point massage of the feet or hands to re-balance.  Using Chakra Amour Crystal pressure point massage can help relieve pain, and can have well-being effects on the other parts of the body.  The Chakra Amour Crystal pressure point massage applied to the feet or hands can detect crystalline deposits and blockages along the energy lines which correspond to imbalances felt within the bodyUnblocking these lines restore the balance and promote self healing and harmony in life.


Chakra Amour Souffle’ Body Butter infused with natural essential plant oils are applied through massage.  The oils are carefully selected for the Chakras and blended to Awaken and Balance your Chakras.  Gently absorbed into the skin through massage it can have therapeutic physiological and psychological effects.  This can be stimulating, energizing, soothing and relaxing for the mind, body and soul.


Using Chakra Amour Body Butter, crystals, essential oils and Kundalini Yoga you will be guided and supported to create balance and maintain well-being within yourself.  Each natural essential plant oil will be selected and blended into Chakra Amour Body Butter’ for your very own specific Chakra balancing needs.   A gentle therapeutic Chakra Amour Crystal pressure point massage applied to the body and face, whilst introducing breath work and gentle yogic postures for flexibility to relieve aches and pains.  The sensitive Crystal Pressure point massage can detect crystalline deposits and blockages along the energy lines which correspond to imbalances felt within the body.  Unblocking these lines restore the balance and promote self healing and harmony in life.


This ancient art of massage is excellent for the relief of chronic neck and shoulder stiffness, eyestrain and headaches; it can help with mental tiredness and improve circulation and ease poor posture tension.  Using Chakra Amour pre-blended essential oils the 26 vertebra, coccyx Seven Chakras will be soothed stimulated and relieved of tension.  The face and scalp will be conditioned and moisturised using Chakra Amour Body Souffle’.  A gentle but firm pressure point massage will be used to help relax the face and jaw.  The shoulders, back, neck, arms, hands will be given deep pressure point massage using rapid friction, stroking, kneading, trigger point and tapotement movements to stimulate and increase blood flow to the head.


A natural and safe method of healing, gentle yet powerful without using pressure, manipulation or massage; it provides the recipient with whatever energy he or she needs to aid recovery or simply to promote harmony in mind, body and spirit, helping recharge, realign and re-balance their energy.  You will be invited to re-connect to self by using kundalini breathing techniques to aid relaxation and the mind using visualisation to create well-being.


Ear candles using only natural ingredients; are place into the auditory canal for this pleasant and completely painless treatment. Ear candling offer benefits for those. suffering from stress, hay fever, headaches, sinus tension and migraines.


Using Crystals and Chakra Amour pre-blended essential oils gentle therapeutic ‘Crystal Pressure Point’ massage and strokes are applied to the face and neck.  The sensitive placement and movement of the crystals can detect blockages along the energy lines which correspond to imbalances felt within the body that can create and cause facial tension, headaches, toothache and migraines.  Unblocking these lines restore the balance and promote self healing and harmony in life.


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