Satnam Satya

Yogic & Holistic Life With Satya Prem Kaur the Holistic Entrepreneur

Chakra Amour Range

A Blissful Infusion of Aromatherapy

Organic Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter

Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil & Essential Oils

Soul, Soak Scrub

Let Your Aura Glow

A Unique Fusion of Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy & Kundalini Yoga

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Aromatic Blend

8 individually Whipped Body Butters or Scrubs For that Chakra Amour Equilibrium Bliss!

8 Blissful Aromatic Blends for the Chakras

Welcome this Unique fusion of Skin Bliss, Mind, Body & Soul Euphoria!

Chakra Amour

An introduction to Kundalini Yoga to treat the cause & matter. Release tension in the body & relax the mind.

Aromatherapy For the Chakras

Introducing gentle postures with mantra’s & meditations to aid flexibility in the body, whilst bringing the Chakra Energy into Balance & Harmony.

It’s time to create ‘Self Love’. Treat your skin to be kissed, softened & moisturised from yourCrown’ Chakra to your ‘Root’ Chakra!

‘Massage & smooth’ the melting blend into your skin using the touch of Crystals.

Encouraging a feeling of balance & harmony to the mind body & soul.